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EK 530 ZVX-2 150 Link Gold - Special
Only $243.74
On SALE for only $199.26
ZVX Series: The Extreme Chain for Extreme Bikes

EK 428 SHR (SHDR)- Motocross -ATV - Mini Quads
Only $51.88
MX Motocross Racing Chain - Gold and Purple!

EK 520 mvxz X Ring Motorcycle Chain - KTM Orange - 120 Links
Only $148.86
120 Links of Orange Chain - Just for your KTM !

Harley Chain - Orange EK 530 MVXZ
Only $158.62
Premium 'X' ring Chain in Orange - Just for Your Harley

EK ZST Motorcycle Chain
Only $131.92
Zero Stretch Technology!

EK 530 DR2 Drag Race Chain
Only $127.14
NEW! Chrome Drag Racing Chain

Dunlop D756 Motocross Tire - Soft to Intermediate Terrain

Soft to Intermediate Terrain

Race Replica Version Available

Offers outstanding intermediate-to-soft-terrain performance, yet its versatile design gives it a wide range of ability on harder surfaces. Shoulder knobs feature recessed biting edges for enhanced traction in ruts and flat corners. Rear tread pattern provides maximum straight-line grip for excellent starts and improved braking. Reduced tire weight results in less unsprung weight. The exact same technology we use to make full-size tires goes right into every minibike D756.

Race Replica Version: Rubber compound identical to tires used by factory race teams. Increased traction and less wheel spin under acceleration. Improved bump absorbsion and less kickback over bumps.

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