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EK 530 ZVX-2 150 Link Gold - Special
Only $243.74
On SALE for only $199.26
ZVX Series: The Extreme Chain for Extreme Bikes

EK 428 SHR (SHDR)- Motocross -ATV - Mini Quads
Only $51.88
MX Motocross Racing Chain - Gold and Purple!

EK 520 mvxz X Ring Motorcycle Chain - KTM Orange - 120 Links
Only $148.86
120 Links of Orange Chain - Just for your KTM !

Harley Chain - Orange EK 530 MVXZ
Only $158.62
Premium 'X' ring Chain in Orange - Just for Your Harley

EK ZST Motorcycle Chain
Only $131.92
Zero Stretch Technology!

EK 530 DR2 Drag Race Chain
Only $127.14
NEW! Chrome Drag Racing Chain

Drag Race Chain

EK drag racing chains can rightfully be called the fastest chains in the world. Top Fuel champion Larry “Spiderman” McBride set a world record E.T. of 5.876 seconds using the EK 630SHB chain. The EK 530DRZ has achieved a terminal velocity of 338.269 mph on Sam Wheeler’s E-Z-Hook Streamliner at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The EK 530DRZ is also the choice of more top NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle racers than any other chain.

DR series (DRZ, DR2 etc) is Drag Race Chain High tensile strength, heavy chain, non sealed for more power

530DRZ2: The Pro Stock Racer’s Choice
Designed in conjunction with Pierre Elliott of Diamond Powersports, the EK 530DRZ is chosen by more top NHRA Pro Stock Bike competitors than any other chain. The reason is simple: When a championship is on the line, you can’t afford a failure. In 2004, Sam Wheeler used the 530DRZ in recording the fastest-ever terminal speed for a two-wheel vehicle: 338.269mph!
Recommended application: drag racing up to 300hp
Tensile strength: 11,500 lbs.
Available lengths: up to 160 links

RX and RXO is Street Racing Chain Light weight, sealed or non sealed, average tensile strength

Our RX-series chains are designed specifically for racers who need to shave every ounce from their bikes and don’t mind replacing their chains on a regular basis. The RX chains are similar to the RXO line, but RX chains have no O-ring seals, saving up to half-a-pound versus their sealed counterparts.
Recommended application: up to 600cc/120hp for 520RX; up to 750cc/150hp for 530RX
Available colors: gold, chrome
Tensile strength: 8400lbs. for 520RX; 9400 lbs. for 530RX

    Description Price
1.   EK 520 RX Street Race Chain
Item No. ek520rx
2.   EK 520 RXO Street Race Chain
Item No. ek520rxo
3.   EK 530 DR2 Drag Race Chain
Item No. ek530dr2
4.   EK 530 DRZ2 Drag Race Chain
Item No. ek530drz2
5.   EK 530 DRZ2c Chrome Drag Race Chain
Item No. ek530drz2c
6.   EK 530 RX Street Race Motorcycle Chain
Item No. ek530rx
7.   EK 630 MS Drag Race Motorcycle Chain - Chrome
Item No. ek630ms
All prices in US Dollars

SportBike Chain
Whether you use your sportbike for road riding, track days or stunting, EK has a chain that’s up to the challenge. Choose from the economical SRO or SRX series, the premium MVXZ line, or the ultra-strong ZVX range. Every one is engineered with the same precision and advanced technology used in our pro racing chains.

530ZZZ: The Ultimate Street Performance Chain The 530ZZZ features a revolutionary new sideplate profile that more effectively distributes the load on the sideplate. The result is incredible tensile strength without increased weight. More details... Recommended application: 1100cc and up Available colors: metalflake gold, metalflake silver Tensile strength: 11,000 lbs.

ZVX Series: The Extreme Chain for Extreme Bikes Anyone with a Hayabusa, ZX-12 or one of the new generation of 180hp literbikes knows how hard they are on chains. EK steps up with an incredibly strong Quadra-X Ring chain that has proven its superiority in controlled lab tests. ZVX chains are also great for any bike that’s been modified for more-than-stock horsepower. The 530ZVX is available in colors. Recommended application: over 1000cc, up to 180hp Available colors: gold, chrome, red, blue, yellow Tensile strength: 10,560 lbs. Available lengths: Up to 160 links

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