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EK 530 ZVX-2 150 Link Gold - Special
Only $243.74
On SALE for only $199.26
ZVX Series: The Extreme Chain for Extreme Bikes

EK 428 SHR (SHDR)- Motocross -ATV - Mini Quads
Only $51.88
MX Motocross Racing Chain - Gold and Purple!

EK 520 mvxz X Ring Motorcycle Chain - KTM Orange - 120 Links
Only $148.86
120 Links of Orange Chain - Just for your KTM !

Harley Chain - Orange EK 530 MVXZ
Only $158.62
Premium 'X' ring Chain in Orange - Just for Your Harley

EK ZST Motorcycle Chain
Only $131.92
Zero Stretch Technology!

EK 530 DR2 Drag Race Chain
Only $127.14
NEW! Chrome Drag Racing Chain

ATV Quad Chain - EK 520SRX: The Strongest ATV Chain In The World
With a tensile stength of 8400 pounds, the EK 520SRX is the strongest ATV-specific chain you can buy. More details...
Whether you use your sportbike for road riding, track days or stunting, EK has a chain that’s up to the challenge. Choose from the economical SRO or SRX series, the premium MVX line, or the ultra-strong ZVX range. Every one is engineered with the same precision and advanced technology used in our pro racing chains.
Motocross, Supercross, MX - Five-time Grand National Cross-Country Champion Scott Summers chooses EK Chain for the same reasons you should: reliability, quality and performance. With a national championship on the line every time he races, Summers can’t afford to have anything on his bike that won't make it to the finish. EK off-road chains have what it takes, whether you're riding a factory enduro bike or your weekend playbike.
Chrome Drag Racing Chain - EK drag racing chains can rightfully be called the fastest chains in the world. Top Fuel champion Larry “Spiderman” McBride set a world record E.T. of 5.876 seconds using the EK 630SHB chain. The EK 530DRZ has achieved a terminal velocity of 338.269 mph on Sam Wheeler’s E-Z-Hook Streamliner at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The EK 530DRZ is also the choice of more top NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle racers than any other chain.

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We carry the complete line of EK Chains for Drag Racing, Motocross and street / recreational use. Sized for kids bikes right up to Extreme Race chains. Every EK Chain! We offer special cut chain and custom orders. Special colors and extended swing arms are no problem here. We also carry the RK MAX Chain line. We also stock every available master link! We carry the most popular tires for road and off-road use.

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EK's New Screw Master Link - You don’t need special tools to install your new EK Chain. This unique, patented link gives a rivet-like fit, using only an 8mm wrench and a pair of pliers. It’s available as an option on many EK Chains.  


EK Color Chains - You’ve seen them on the pros’ bikes. Now you can get a color chain for your bike. But not just any chain – these are championship-winning EK Chains. The following chains are available in a selection of durable, powder-coated colors, for road, off-road and ATV applications.  

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Did You Know....
Chain is one of the oldest power transmission and material transport devices known to man. There is evidence of a chain-driven water lift existing as early as 225 B.C. During the sixteenth century, Leonardo da Vinci sketched a number of chain designs, many being similar to modern chain. One of da Vinci's chain sketches bore a strong resemblance to modern silent chain.By the early 1800's, development of cog chain began to gather momentum. The early designs had frequent breakage problems and were difficult to repair. These problems were addressed in 1873 with the introduction of cast detachable chain. The development of cast detachable chain greatly assisted the growing mechanization of farm machinery in the late 1800's. The cast pintle chain, developed in the late 1800's, was the forerunner of chain as we know it today.The beginning of the twentieth century saw the expansion of chain into such applications as bicycle and automobile drives. Chain was used on automobiles to transmit power from the transmission to the driving axle, as well as application on camshaft drives. A 1/4 turn chain drive was used for the propeller drives on the Wright Brother's first successful airplane. The roller chain industry was the first industry in the world to publish user standards when they did so in 1913.

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Continental USA only

Toll Free Order Line - 1.866.503.2299
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